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 The Philippines remains an emerging destination, despite parts of it having been 'discovered' by International Travellers as far back as the 1960's (Siargao) and 1970's (Boracay).  With many islands and beaches featuring every year in the Top 10 Lists & Polls, of travellers or readers of travel magazines and company's - Condé Nast Traveler Awards 2016

Philippine Tours: There is still so much to see, explore and experience; whether it's the cosmopolitan or historical cities, the rice terraces, near deserted paradise beaches and jungles, the thrill seeking white water and waterfall activities or even the stunning, underwater world.

Discover spectacular beaches and islands, stunning lagoons and forests, majestic and myth-filled waterfalls, along with indigenous birds and wildlife. 

Make sure you have your camera ready at all times for some truly stunning views and landscapes !

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Whether you're hitting one destination, or looking to travel throughout the Philippines, plan out your activities and tours in advance, for a hassle-free trip with Go Discover Travel.

Go Discover Travel has years of experience helping tourists and travellers to make the most of their time and journey!

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